diary of a man

it is extremely beutiful
to see sun rays falling down
now i was alone here
looks like moon and stars already emerge
but stars ain't blind
i could'nt stand anymore
its been 3 hours now
how can i waiting for you in the pitch-dark
this is too much
waiting is a trap
there will always be reasons to wait
the truth is there are only two things in life
reasons and result
and reasons simply don't count
and you're still having fun
with your fucking slut
or or or or or
doing some useless things

then you come to me
with your fucking pity face
and you tell me the same reasons
as you said to me yesterday
a day before yesterday
and each day before today
broken heart broken heart
since i fall in love with you
i'am nothing
i'am such a dull slave
i've told you that i cant stand it anymore
you make your way in
i'd resist to fell like this
enough enough enough
dont you dare to hurt me anymore
stay away from me

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