melodius crudity

Walking in the fairyland valley
i saw one happiness nation
that builed since we free from Japan's colony
iam very sure that i cant count peoples
with my fingers,even my precious brain
today i was alone
alone to saw sun rays falling down
today i got feeling of surprise
and discouragement

Our man still in their loud annoying noise
they still in their illegality
and elated with their triads
prejudice and discrimintion strike us down
make us being so rude with people that we cant rude
politicians that habitually to being racist
anarchrist,people who beleive that laws are undesirable
and should be abolished

Today i was alone again in the pitch-dark
i just wondering one thing
didn't we learn from 13 may tragedy
that make many kids become orhpans
and so few widows
we must fight
we must tried
we must stand our ground until the end
till we concour em all if we
find the solidarity and
get rid of infidelity

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